First home, forever home, dream home, we’ll find it together.

I offer a truly personalized approach when helping you find the perfect home. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor adding to to their portfolio, I focus on understanding your unique needs, preferences, and budget. My comprehensive strategy will highlight properties that match your criteria and take us step by step to closing when we find the one. The steps below give a general outline of the buying process, but I will tailor a plan that fits you best. 


By providing some basic information about your income, savings and debt, the lender can assist you in getting pre-approved. The lender will review your financing options, set expectations for down payment and closing costs and help you determine a comfortable monthly payment. It is essential to get this first step out of the way. Knowing your price range will help us save valuable time, and a pre-approval is necessary for your offer to be seriously considered. I have lenders ready to assist and answer your questions 7 days a week.

The Search for THE ONE!

The search for the perfect home can be an emotional process. I provide all of the information you need to make a well-informed decision including community information, schools, zoning, and home specific details. I also assist my buyers in identifying any red flags that could make our transaction more difficult as well as offering an objective opinion to help keep everyone's feet on the ground. My approach is always one of low pressure and patience. I want to make sure we find your perfect home!

Making an Offer

Making an offer can be a daunting task especially if you are a novice or have not purchased a home in some time. With ever changing contracts and forms and our competitive market you'll be glad to know I'm by your side helping you put your best foot forward. Before ever placing an offer, I begin our due diligence process by running recent comparable sales and checking for any possible flood, zoning or title issues. Surprises often arise before close though, but it's my job to gather as much information as possible to help protect your fees and deposits.

The Due Diligence Period...inspections, appraisals, repairs....

North and South Carolina utilize a due diligence period that most often requires payment of a negotiable due diligence or termination fee. This fee may seem unusual to those of you from out of state, and quite honestly it is. The vast majority of states have contingencies that allow a buyer to terminate if repairs cannot be agreed upon or financing conditions such as a satisfactory appraisal are not met. In the Carolinas, a buyer pays the due diligence or termination fee to the seller for the opportunity to perform inspections, order an appraisal, review HOA documents, etc. If there is a deficiency that cannot be settled, the buyer may terminate the transaction for any or no reason at all forfeiting their fee. With so many nuances you can guarantee we will be talking about this process in greater detail, and you will be give access to all of my trusted vendors and resources to help us gather the most accurate information.

The Closing Process

Closing in our area is always completed by an attorney. The attorney's office will conduct a title search and order title insurance. This crucial step ensures that the property is conveyed correctly to you and that no other people or entities have claims against the property. The attorney will also be available to assist us should any questions arise concerning the contract or survey. As your real estate agent, I will assist you in filling out any forms the attorney requests and help ensure that the whole process is staying on track for an on time close. At the closing table, the attorney will review all documents to be signed and answer any questions. Once everything is signed, funded and recorded it's time to enjoy your new home!!

Let's work together to make your home purchase a seamless and enjoyable experience. I am committed to helping you every step of the way.

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